Online Web Banners

Online Banner Ad Production

Display ads or online web banners (as they are also known) are creatively designed ads with images text and that is served up on sites one of the several ad networks available. These can be targeted geographically, demographically or even based on individual’s keyword searches.

Static online web banners consist of only a single designed ‘frame’. Ads produced in this format (JPG or GIF) are of a higher quality and low file size.

An animated online banner consists of a series of frames that are played one after the other giving a semblance of animation. In simplest terms, the frames of an ad can be considered as individual images. Each frame is displayed for a specific amount of time and is followed by the next frame. Displaying one frame after the other results in an animated image.

Static Display Ads

Advertisements displayed as simple, text-based hyperlinks are known as Text Ads. As their name suggests, text ads they do not include graphic images.

Static online banners help establishing the online presence of a brand. The cost of design and placement of these ads is comparatively lower than Rich Media Ads and are typically built in three sizes, Medium Rectangle, Skyscraper or Leaderboard.

Flash Ads

Online flash banners are one format of animated ads, with smooth animation and special effects that attract the attention of the viewer. This is one of the main reasons why flash banners result in higher click-through rates than other formats. Another reason is the high that the animation created is of a higher display quality than other web banner formats. This is due to the inherent nature of Flash, which is a vector-based program that allows us to maintain the same high quality with low file sizes.

Expandable/Rollover Ads

Another variation of a flash banner is an Expandable Flash Banner which changes size (with a mouse rollover or click) allowing for detailed viewing and a more interactive user experience. Also known as Rich Media Banners this is the fastest growing form of online advertising owing to the flexibility of placement of these ads. These online banners are used as landing pages on websites, introductions to videos and simple interactive games. They can be created in custom sizes and are found to have the most viewer conversion rates.

Video Ads

A video ad is similar to a flash ad, except that instead of a static or animated image, actual video clips are displayed.This is the most advanced form of online ad creation as it is projected to grow exponentially. Analytics for each ad served on websites are usually provided along with tools to target prospective customers. The design of the video ads involves html scripting to edit parts of the video and customize it according to the clients preferences. This is the kind of advertising most prominent in television, and many advertisers will use the same clips for both television and online advertising.

Online video ads are primarily displayed in one of the following forms:

Basic Video Ads – An ad design that has a video component embedded into standard ad designs – banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, etc.

Pre Roll & Post-Roll Video Ads – A video ad that plays before or after editorial content.

Mobile Ads

This type of display advertising is usually a Mobile Web Banner (top or bottom of page) while other forms include advertising within mobile games and mobile videos and full-screen interstitials, which appear while  requested mobile content or web pages are loading up.

Creating effective mobile advertising campaigns starts with creating effective mobile banner ads. There is both an art and a science to creating attention-getting, clickable mobile banner ads, and better mobile ad design can save you money (and make you even more money).

A better-designed ad will lead to higher click through rate, which means you will pay less per click. Better mobile ad design also helps you set expectations better for users and build a stronger brand with consistent visual identity and messaging.